Man arrested for cursing files free speech lawsuitHOUSTON, Pa

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Replica Handbags He said he did not know starting a fire was illegal and thought he did nothing wrong.Because there were nearby trash bins with paper, the 31 year old man was arrested for reckless burning.The online police blotter says firefighters put out the fire and hosed down the alley.A police spokeswoman says there’s nothing in the report to indicate why the man thought burning human waste behind the police station was a good idea, but he was not referred for a mental evaluation.Man arrested for cursing files free speech lawsuitHOUSTON, Pa. A western Pennsylvania man arrested for cursing in front of police has sued, saying his right to free speech was violated.The Pittsburgh Post Gazette newspaper reported June 4 that Richard Pustovrh was arguing with his employers in September 2012 and they called the police. Pustovrh lives in Houston, 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.A complaint says Pustovrh used an obscenity to voice his frustration after a Canonsburg police officer warned him not to.He was handcuffed and later found guilty of disorderly conduct and obscene language Replica Handbags.

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