News 4 contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff Department which

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Cheap Jerseys china Chief Weeks said an officer was dispatched to check out the claim Cheap Jerseys from china, but didn find anyone dressed as a clown.There was also a claim on social media that a clown was sighted on Tin House Road, southwest of Hillsboro. News 4 contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff Department which said they have no record of anyone notifying them of a clown sighting in that area.In the Metro East, Granite City police confirm they received up to 10 calls about people dressed as clowns and Wood River police have received two similar calls. However, officers have not been able to verify the claims.Since late August there have been reports of sinister looking clowns in five other states, which apparently began with reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods inGreenville, South Carolina Cheap Jerseys china.

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