We call the playing surface ice

“I’m going to play the way I play Cheap Jerseys from china,” Rodgers said. “It’s been pretty successful around here. I’m going to hold onto the ball when I feel like I can, and get out when I feel like I can as well. The September statewide season for resident Canada geese also opens Sept. 2, and continues through Sept. 25.

A white helmet with a black N. Some black pants with normal white stripes for the occasional road game. Rip the bandage off and do it, attract recruits and younger fans, and move on. We play outside on a rink that can grow so swelteringly hot our fortysomething goalie sometimes collapses from fatigue. At the JCC we call it a puck, though it actually is a hard rubber ball stuffed with cloth to weigh it down. We call the playing surface ice, though it really is smooth, flat pavement coated in a slick gray plastic.

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