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If you’re reading this article then there is a great chance you’re among the countless folks every single day who decide enough is enough. You’re no longer willing to endure a pathetically brief notebook battery life which leaves you cowering around the closest plug socket. In the end, among the most attractive features of a notebook is that it can be used on the move, in a number of locations. If you notebook battery life is down to 15 minutes of charge yet all this flexibility and portability goes from the window,. Laptop batteries are a product that is consumable and their life will decline over time, as with most things. A brand new replacement laptop battery can breathe new life into a weary notebook, and is a great way of extending the life of an otherwise perfectly good machine. Given the popularity of sourcing new replacement batteries we have put together a beginners guide to sourcing the best quality replacement laptop battery at the best possible price. Tip #1: Battery cell quality is king If you open up a notebook battery and take a look interior (where not recommending you always do this) you will see that other than the usual plastic outer-casing and a few little charging circuits, there is very little in there apart from your battery cells.

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The top quality and many reputable and long lasting battery cells are made in Japan normally by firms including Panasonic, Samsung and Simplo. All notebook batteries provided by Notebook Electricity UK are of OEM quality and source meaning they produce the quality of functionality you’d expect and will feature these brands of cells. Regrettably many on-line sellers are peddling batteries with replacement cells that are Chinese that are generic in. These items are not unlikely to end in disappointment. Hint #2: Prolong the life of your laptop battery after you have it The preceding trick sounds obvious, but many people use their laptop in a way that supports more fast laptop battery cell depletion than needs to be true. The greatest way to make sure your battery retains its charge is to regularly charge and discharge the battery. This is best achieved by using your notebook off the mains on a semi-regular basis. Most folks using their notebooks in offices consistently use their notebooks plugged into the mains. This really is not good for preserving your battery over the longer-term. п»ї

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Laptop Power UK offers the finest original OEM batteries to be found on the aftermarket. We encourage people to touch base with us and we shall endeavour to give the best possible guidance to you. If merchandise or the advice you’re looking for word for students isn’t on our website, we anticipate hearing your enquiry.

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