it would have been in your best interest

“Theodore, it would have been in your best interest to search out another partner going into this match because Luke Savage Luke Savage has already proved how incapable he is of matching wits with House of Sweetness. You’re going to find out I’m your biggest KNIGHT mare when it comes to us getting face to face. Understand one thing about me, Theodore, I was bred to destroy what gets put in front of me.

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cheap oakleys Nick Grimshaw has a lot of faith in Mason Noise. The rest of the judges and the world at large, not so much he was booed all night, which isn’t the kind of “noise” he was presumably hoping for. He’s clearly been put through because he’s “controversial” (he was rude to Simon Cowell at Boot Camp, and he described his Timberlake lite schtick as “art” which Rita Ora, in a rare moment of insight, put down to “the Kanye West effect”) but surely this just means he’ll be toast in the first week? Luckily the other two boys in his category, Che Chesterman and Seann Miley Moore, are much more likeable cheap oakleys.

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