So the family erected a small tomb near their home and left it

Vu placed his flowers and spoke on behalf of the Vietnamese.In an interview earlier in the week, he explained that his father was killed manning an antiaircraft battery at the Ham Rong Bridge near Thanh Hoa against a fierce bombing campaign the Americans called Operation Rolling Thunder.His father, Vu Ngoc Sam, then in his 40s, had been fighting in the army since the Vietnamese enemy had been the French.He was rarely home, his son said, and the family saw him mainly when he passed their rice farm in Nam Dinh Province, south of Hanoi, on the march.After the attack on the bridge, in 1965, there was nothing left of his father, no Replica Hermes Purses body to bury. So the family erected a small tomb near their home and left it empty.More tragedy struck two years later, when Vu was in high school. He was 16 and a class leader.

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