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Letters: Brian Clough

Martin Gallagher writes: As an active football supporter for nearly 45 years, I have little can someone check if this canada goose outlet website is authentic difficulty in supporting the unanimous view that Brian Clough (obituary, September 21) was one of the canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupon great British managers, perhaps the best.

I met him twice. The first time he was on a panel at the Kalamazoo, in Northfield canada goose outlet, buy canada goose jacket usa Birmingham. With him on the panel were Peter Taylor, Brendon Batson and Trevor Francis.

I was with my best fake canada goose jacket son, who is an avid and knowledgeable football supporter, and can you buy canada goose jacket online who has learning difficulties. At the buy canada goose jacket edmonton interval, he went to get the autograph of his hero, Trevor Francis, although Clough was the first person he approached. I am not quite sure buy canada goose jacket in canada what transpired between them, but my son ended up in the VIP section having drinks with Clough and Francis, and duly returned with the autograph. canada goose coat – victoria

The second time I met Clough was some 10 years later, at the Midland Football Writers’ dinner. best canada goose jacket for men Once again, at the interval my son went to speak to him. Since he was surrounded by admirers, I went along to ensure what my son said. “I know you, young man,” Clough remarked. At this point, I retreated, and left them to it. can i put my canada goose jacket in the dryer After about 15 minutes of earnest conversation – and after obtaining Nigel Clough’s autograph – my son returned to our table. Those two events will always define the man as far as I am concerned.

Roger Backhouse writes: Brian Clough has another claim to be remembered, not mentioned in the obituaries. When workers at the Nottingham Evening Post went on strike, he refused to let Forest players talk to non-union staff attempting to run the paper. He remained a vigorous supporter of the strikers. Definitely a manager to be remembered, whatever his personal faults.

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