World Twenty20 And Patella Tendonitis

World Twenty20 And Patella Tendonitis

The group stages of the World Twenty20 are well under way with three games in on route to the super 10 group. In Group A both Bangladesh and Nepal are tied for first place whilst in Group B it is wide open with Netherlands, Zimbabwe and Ireland all having two wins each.

With the International Twenty20 having finished it is an intensive time for cricket players with little time to relax and recover after each match before they are required back on the field of play. From an English perspective we will all be hoping that Stuart Broad will be able to overcome his knee injury ahead of the first game.

Broad missed the last two games in the T20 International series following a flare up of his patella tendonitis, requiring rest and a race against time to be fit and ready for the next challenge.

What is Patella Tendonitis?

This is one of the less commonly seen knee injuries, though can be quite painful and restrict movement. From a cricketing perspective it can make things very difficult for a bowler, given the need to have full movement of the knee when delivering a ball.

The tendonitis itself occurs following injury or overuse to the tendon connecting knee cap to the shin bone leading to inflammation and restriction of movement. The condition is also sometimes referred to as ‘jumper’s knee’ as it is common in sports where players are required to jump such as basketball.

The condition itself is largely self-limiting and you should expect to recover following rest, with ice to help manage inflammation. Physiotherapy can also help in offering check here strengthening exercises to minimise the risk of a reoccurrence in the injury.

Can a knee support help manage patella tendonitis?

There are a variety of knee support products on the market, all deigned to manage different knee injuries, which is why it is important to obtain a professional diagnosis before making a purchase. The type of knee support you require depends on the condition you wish to manage, what you want to achieve when wearing it and how much you want to pay.

Whilst bracing technology is largely focussed in aiding the rehabilitation of a patient they have different designs. Sports bracing has become more prevalent in recent years, with the compressive and breathable material being designed for active use during sport. The compression works to manage inflammation whilst the material ensures it is breathable and doesn’t slip following perspiration.

In considering less common knee injuries such as patella tendonitis there are specific products designed to manage the condition by focusing pressure on the knee cap using a buttress design. This helps to maintain the location of the patella to prevent unnatural movement whilst applying compression. Where a bespoke level of compression is required you should opt for an adjustable knee support.

If you are ever in doubt as to the type of brace required black ops 3 cheats ios then you should speak with a clinician who will be able to work with you on diagnosing the issue and offering the best course of treatment for your condition. It is important to note that a knee support should be used as part of wwe supercard hack jailbreak your overall rehabilitation programme and not in isolation.